Nancy Cuevas is a fine art painter living and working in Hillsboro, Oregon. She has taught professionally for a number of years in her own studio.




"Nancy is one of the best working artists, and it is privilege to be able to learn from her. In addition to her mastery of her craft, she is a gifted teacher and has developed a series of exercises that distill many challenging concepts into a process that is approachable and learnable. Prior to working with Nancy, I felt my work was inconsistent, amateur, and lacking in polish. Now, I feel like I have a much stronger eye for value (lights and darks) relationships, composition, and color. Through teaching the traditional craft of oil painting, Nancy helps her students learn to see. I highly recommend working with her." - Betsy C.


"Since the fall of 2012, Nancy has taken on many roles in helping me learn more about the process of painting. Being a quadriplegic and using a mouthstick to paint, I can be a more challenging student. She is insightful and brings many ideas in all areas of painting. I have learned a lot in such a range of areas including composition, color theory, glazing, solvents, brushes and many more. She has provided me tools with which I have become more confident with my paintings. She has not only helped me from a teaching perspective but also as a coaching, motivational, caring individual who genuinely loves to paint and wants to share that love not only through painting but also by teaching."

Maria Huppi - (Quadriplegic Mouth Painter Copyright ©AMFPA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AMFPA - Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World - www.mfpausa.com)


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