The Plan...

An update on the progress of the new studio space.


Bringing my studio back home to balance passion, health, and family. More time to paint and cook… that is the plan.

First Studio Pic


For the past three years, I have been living the dream as an artist in a 1100 sq ft space overlooking the SW hills of Hillsboro, OR. My hours were long – teaching and painting late, leaving my husband and boys to fend for themselves in regards to dinner most week nights.  My goals were to make money and paint for a solo show coming up in November 2014. I disregarded all I had learned in my holistic health studies the previous year about taking care of mind, body and spirit. I had been eating quick meals, mostly using the microwave or fast food to get by. I had also been using more solvents in my painting process on a daily basis. Slowly, I began to feel tired, overdrawn and a lot of pelvic pain. After having surgery and being diagnosed with an immune deficiency disease, we decided that being home would be the best choice in regaining my health, energy and time. Yes, that would mean teaching less but not having the studio rent and bills would help with that.

The Space

Our home has a two car garage that had been packed with a decade and a half worth of stuff. Slowly, we’ve been unpacking, selling and dropping things off at the Goodwill to be able to fit our two cars in…but now, its slated to be my new home studio!

Studio Color

The walls are finished but had not been painted. In researching colors for the studio walls I came across some great info. Even though I really wanted to use the same color that Sadie Valerie used in her studios I ended up going to Lowe’s to pick out mid-tone greys. I narrowed it down to three -  straight grey, warm grey and green/cool grey.  I picked the green/cool grey – Murky Sage by Valspar in flat. The green grey compliments skin tones and I love it.


Instead of having to get a separate AC/Heater unit for the garage/studio, we found out that we can open up a vent from the AC/Heater furnace located in the room already. My friend Don came over to install a register. He also opened up the wall where we would like to have a side door. No electric wires in the way but found out the garage is not insulated! I will be calling around to see how much it would cost to have insulated blown into the east and west wall.


The Garage Door

Since the two car garage roll up door is North facing, I have been looking into frosted glass garage doors (very expensive…over 4K!!), but a friend suggested a Polygal wall just inside the garage door to let in the light with some privacy especially for figure drawing & painting groups while garage door is open. I’m also looking into insulating the garage door, and adding a large window on the east wall. More pictures to come.


My husband, two sons (Daniel, Jes & Avery) and friends (Ginny & Don) have been very supportive in my endeavors. I have had 5 different studios in the past 9 years and I really appreciate their help in moving, painting and overall grunt work. Thank you!



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