Beginning Oil Painting


8 Week Class

Learn traditional oil painting in a step-by-step process. In 8 weeks learn a tried and true way see, draw and paint. These lessons break down the fundamentals of line, shapes, lights and shadows. It does not matter if you have never drawn or painted before. You will learn to draw as you learn to paint. These lessons are for beginner to intermediate students.


Students will learn about materials, studio practices and how to start and finish a tonal underpainting. The objective of this class is to get comfortable with the painting environment, painting tools and how to start an indirect painting. Students will learn how to draw with paint and use only two colors to successfully finish tonal studies of light and shadow. This class uses geometric shapes to study light and shadow, and moves on to more complex objects and their relationship in space.


We meet once a week for a 3hr lesson. Starting August 24th.


Times available: Wednesdays 1-4pm or 7-10pm


$240 for all 8 weeks.


All supplies for lessons are included in the price.


Contact Nancy for more information and availability.


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